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Who are you?
I'm Colin.

What is this?
It's my online diary. That's why it's called 'Colin's Online Diary'.

You mean, like a blog?
Yeah. But when I started this online diary - OK, blog - back in December 2003, people weren't really using the word 'blog' that much. It wasn't very cool.

Were you cool?
Oh, dear me, no.

So, what was the problem?
I feel like we're getting off topic.

Fair enough. So, tell us about yourself.
As I said, my name's Colin. I live and work in the wonderful city of Bristol, having grown up in the underwhelming county of Worcestershire. I studied maths at Warwick University and then trained to be an actuary, which is what I currently do for a living. I'm a Christian, I'm in my 30s, and I really hate parsnips.

What's this blog all about?
Basically I just write about whatever I fancy writing about. Sometimes it's about my life (and an actuary's life is never not dull), sometimes it's about politics, sometimes it's about films, sometimes it's about none of those things.
Back in the day I used to update a lot; these days I only tend to write something once or twice a month at most, but if it's any consolation I tend to think about it a bit harder now. Hey, you can judge yourself: all the archived entries are still available on the site.

Anything else on here?
Yeah, but not much. There's a 'Favourites' page which covers some of my favourite things, but is very, very rarely updated. There's a 'Links' page that directs you to my other presences on the internet, as well as the pages of family and friends, and a few other sites that I recommend. And there's this 'About' page. Which you've almost finished reading.

What do you look like?
See that badly drawn picture of glasses and a goatee, at the top of the page? Just like that.

Anything to add?
Not really. I'm off to have a cup of tea.

what's this all about?
That's a silly question, and too self-referential.
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