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November 21st 2017
There is an xkcd cartoon from a few years back that shows a guy on his computer. He says he's busy with something important: someone is wrong on the internet.
This is how I feel at the moment. If, like me, you spend time on Twitter, you will be exposed to a lot of people who are wrong on the internet. Flippin' millions of them. And I've been running a blog post round my head for a while, about the fallacies of 'woke' Twitter (if you don't know what this is, you're luckier than me) and other social media. It had all kinds of great turns of phrase in it. Stuff about the 'believe women' trope, how a person's gender is not actually evidence that they're telling the truth - Lena Dunham was gonna play into that bit - and why unthinkingly believing the accuser isn't really any better than unthinking believing the accused. There were thoughts about being in a post-truth world, how facts and logic have seemingly become secondary to feelings and experiences, and specific references to individual absurd claims I've encountered on Facebook. Then - the kicker - there was going to be this bit where I described one woman's #MeToo account and why the stuff that happened to here was not actually symptomatic of the patriarchy and what-not, and you were gonna be, like, "How dare he say that? He can't possibly understand, he's a guy", and then I was gonna flip it and tell you that the experiences I'd described actually happened to me and were done by girls, and you were gonna be, like, "Woah, he's totally right, what a great knock-down argument", and I'd be, like, "Yeah."
But, you know what? Life's too short. I'm not going to do any of that. Let people be wrong on the internet, if they must. It's the best place for it.
So, instead, let me tell you about the panto I'm going to be in shortly. It's Babes in the Wood - which, in case you're not aware, is basically Hansel & Gretel crossed with Robin Hood - and I'm playing Sir Arthur, as well as Merry Man Number Six. I'm barely in it, to be honest, but if you want to see it then I'm not going to stop you. 29 November - 2 December. St Peter's Methodist Church Hall. If you want to see me in a pantomime, this will probably be your last chance.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming
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