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November 3rd 2013
The problem with only updating about once a month - other than the droves of readers who stop visiting - is that I feel that each sporadic entry will be granted undue weight in the eye of the reader. For example, if I turn my thoughts here to the fact that pretty much all the women in my office dye their hair and pretty much none of the men do (it has crossed my mind once or twice), it may come across as a personal fixation and the foundings of my forthcoming manifesto. Which I'm thinking of calling my Bottle Red Book. Anyhow, I need not worry myself this time round because plenty has happened to me in the last month that you should feel at your leisure to attach as much weight to it as you like. I have, you see, passed my driving test.
Generally this is regarded as a big deal in anyone's life, albeit typically a coming-of-age tale for teenagers on their way out of the nest, but for me it represents pretty much the scariest thing I've ever done. I don't think I was quite as terrified on the day of the test as I was on the day of my first driving lesson, but the two easily sit in the top echelons of fear in my life, alongside various job interviews, music exams and first days at school/Uni/work. Oh, and watching The Little Mermaid, the scariest film I've ever seen... I saw a picture of Ursula a few weeks ago and still felt a brief frisson of fear.
My mother has warned me that passing my driving test is just the beginning of a new stage of learning (they said the same thing when I qualified as an actuary. And when I got my bronze teddy bear swimming certificate) and I'm confident she's right; not least that in the time since I've passed I've driven by myself for the first time, and have test-driven a car that I might well buy (I have another one to look at tomorrow). Next stop: motorway... as it were.
Speaking of scary things, I have taken on the Movember challenge again this year, the first time since 2010 because it's the first November since then that I haven't started off with facial hair already in place. Three days in (well, five. I didn't get round to shaving in the last couple of days of October) and it's just about starting to become apparent that this is something deliberate that I'm doing, but the "mo" is not yet impressive enough to register much in the daily photos that I'm putting up on Facebook. Check out the album directly, but more importantly please sponsor me at mobro.co/colinjthomas.

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