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August 1st 2006
Today I added a StatCounter to my website, largely to discover how many people come here to read the Neighbours part of my site. As with CSM before it, I view the popularity of my diary page with mixed feelings, since more work goes into SCB (not as much as went into CSM, but still) and I'd really like to send people that way. Anyhow, the stats themselves aren't public - although should be pretty easy to track down - and have already confused me by a lot of people supposedly viewing for 0 seconds. This isn't really possible - even if people realise they've come to the wrong site, surely they stay longer than that? Also, all those who've come thus far have entered 'www.stephhoyland.co.uk', so they can't have just clicked on the wrong link. Baffled is what I am - but it was nice to see a dutchman in amongst the first half day's takings. Four, count 'em, four!In other news, the picture here shows just how much time I've been wasting when I should be learning Serbian or some such. The problem with these type of things is that, more often than not, the light changes between shots or you yourself cause shade, so the pictures don't go well together. Well, using one or two tricks, the video function on my camera and Paint (no Photoshop, no nothing. Just Paint) I put this one together. In case you were wondering, I'm in my bedroom. I put this together while my aunt, uncle and two cousins were out on a walk, I believe, since they are staying with us for a few days. That's the only aunt I have who hasn't read this page, I think, unless dad has passed the url on to her too.

August 5th 2006
I mentioned the other day that I put a StatCounter on SCB... since then, I've been too frequently checking to see how popular I am. Er... of course, I meant 'how popular the site is'. And that doesn't include this page, as I mentioned previously - and yesterday I had 99 page hits, apparently. It'd be a lot fewer than that if viewers didn't have to go via the site menu every time they'd finished reading one page. Never mind. In other news, Simon and I went to see The Break-up today, starring Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, with the 'they were in Friends' count brought up to two with John Favreau. The film was all right, I guess, and I was surprised by the fact that (contrary to press reports) the couple didn't get back together in the end, but it didn't do enough to warrant a second viewing. I liked the fact that a lot of dialogue sounded natural, even a bit ad-libbed, but Vaughn's character was so despicable at first that no-one except a hardened misogynist could feel any empathy for him, and his becoming more sensitive was unlikely, verging on impossible. Also, whose great idea was it that the woman wants to go to the ballet, but the bloke doesn't? The laziest bit of storylining I've seen in some time. Anyways, most of you will have read that I'm going to Montenegro soon (Monday morning, in fact) so this may well be my last diary entry for some time. Peace and love.

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