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April 14th 2008
Today: Grave words Pip hates, after editing (8)
Last time: Father's half-hearted glib speech (5)
Answer: pater
Such is the paucity of entries in my online diary nowadays that a three-week absence is probably not even remarkable. But for those of you who have not lost the faith, I must apologise - I shall be returning here as oft as I can (and hopefully with better crossword clues than today's attempt) before heading off to Germany. Indeed, I even have an excuse for leaving this page unupdated - our internet has been broken for a goodly while. But now it's up and running, thanks to James (with the network name 'AskJesus', a subtle yet brilliant way to spread a hint of the Gospel to anyone within a twenty metre radius of the house), so I will do my best to fill you in on what you've been missing. Or not. Anyways, I'm back in exam season, having done CT4 'Models' - not as exciting as it sounds - last week, and with CT1 'Financial Mathematics' & CT2 'Finance and Finance Reporting' coming up in the next three days. Actuarial exams are a funny kettle of sardines, since you never get told how well you've done, only whether you've passed or failed - and, if you've failed, how badly you've failed. Yes, whereas most exams will give you five different grades of passing and one of failing, the Institute (may it ever be revered) dishes out either a pass or one of four levels of failure. I'm hopefuly - though not entirely confident - of having passed CT4, something which only 27% of people managed at the last sitting, and I rather expect to pass CT1 tomorrow. CT2... well, we'll see. Depends very much on the questions: since I managed to balance the last two balance sheets I created (no mean feat this, since I don't think I'd ever managed it before), I'm hoping for a balance sheet question. Anyways, I'll keep you posted on those. You'd think that, with an exam tomorrow, I wouldn't have time to fritter on the interweb, wouldn't you? You're probably right, though I maintain it's important to manage your breaks, and that could explain why I signed Pluggy up to Facebook this afternoon (see below)

Apparently, he's from Alaska

Hopefully this will be what tips Rob over the edge, into Facebookhood. In other news, I went to see Wolves playing Bristol City on Saturday, with James, Pete, Seth and Steve (Matt dropping out at the eleventh hour - he claims it being because his sister was ill, but I suspect he feared the Molineux boys). Though the game finished 0-0, it was pretty exciting stuff, and a grand day out - I felt more settled in this place than at any time before, and that can only be a good thing. I'm drawing near the end of what I can legitimately call a break, so I think I'll bid you farewell for now - I'll just finish by reminding folk that in a couple of weeks I'm off to sunny Kiel, to see how Ant's getting on. Though I'm flying out of Terminal 5, so wish me luck...

For a while, I've been meaning to test here my theory that YouTube comments are the stupidest things ever. That will happen some day, but - by way of a counterexample, is my reckoning, though you may disagree - today I saw myself quoted in a YouTube comment for the first time! I amended the release date information on Wikipedia's page for 'Numb', a Matthew Perry film in 'post-production' (i.e. they're desperately trying to find anyone who will screen the thing), and the sentence I wrote was quoted by 'maggieforce' on YouTube's video of the trailer. Anyways, I was chuffed. In YouTube news, I now have two subscribers, both with names that I suggest they're totally unknown to me - who subscribes to videos when the only one that's there is of a guy making a cup of tea? Curious.

April 23rd 2008
Today: Second uncovered wound (6)
Last time: Grave words Pip hates, after editing (8)
Answer: epitaphs
You folk probably know that I prefer my music from the 60s, 70s and 80s (as the radio jingle used to go, but I now own all three of the Killers' albums - they're probably my favourite band currently recording. Not counting folks like the Eagles, anyhow. That's the music update you're getting from me today. In other news, I'm off to Germany bright and early Friday morning to see Ant on board the good ship lollipop. Or the Black Pig. Or Argos... I can keep naming ships, just try me. The Beagle. The ark. HMS Pinafore. QE2. Titanic. Boy, I'm good - I can keep going all night. The Lucitania. Logos Hope. Which brings me back to where I began - the ship Ant has been (and excuse me if I'm not an expert in marine carpentry, or whatever it is he's oiling himself in) rust-proofing and galley-sharpening, and on which I will be not only eating but also sleeping. And so forth. Actually, let me take you back a few months to when Ant headed off to Deutschland in the first place - my mother asked me if I would miss him, which I thought was rather an odd question, since at that time particularly I missed more or less everyone, and it was several months since I'd lived with him. But I realised that Ant & I had seen each other more or less every month since the end of Uni, and that I was going to miss him. Oh, before this gets any more pathetic, I should tell you that I'm rather hoping Ant doesn't see this entry before I make it over to the Fatherland... rather embarrassing and all that, don't you know. Anyways, there have been several times in the last few months when I've wished he were around - joining a new church, going to home group, just sitting around on a Sunday afternoon, these are all activities that were much easier with the short man around, and I've often wondered whether I'll come across another guy like him. I mean, who else would agree that taking photos outside as many 67s in Earlsdon as possible was a good idea? Who else would spend hours trying (and failing) to perfect a glassball 'routine'? (As an aside, it was actually Rich and I who co-invented Glassball. All very Cry For A Shadow, I know). Who else would spend three hours - starting after midnight - putting forward theories as to who was the better person? In truth, it would probably be easier to list here the things that I did at University while not with Ant. Well, before I start singing or something, I'm going to draw this to a close. In other news, I've discovered another Wheel of Time fan in Anna, a lass from church - nice to see that Robert Jordan's masterworks have spread all the way to Brissle.

Oh, happy St. George's Day - and the day of Shakespeare's death. The partially informed among you will be shouting out 'and his birthday!', whereas the more fully informed among you will be saying 'just because he was christened on April 26th doesn't mean he was born on April 23rd, though it was traditional to be christened on the third day of your life'. The fully informed among you - or those who, like me, got a little sidetracked on Wikipedia while at work - will be murmuring 'actually, at the time of Shakespeare's death the Julian calendar was in use, and under the Gregorian calendar he died on May 3rd'. My, what informed readers I have.

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