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February 1st 2005

Pinch, punch, first day of the month. In other news, I've been trying for some time to win the Warwick Boar (local paper) crossword competition - I send in the correct solution most weeks, but as yet haven't won... okay, winning is just having your name written as the winner, and doesn't involve any real prize, but I'd still like to be the champion. Anyhow, Alex Rossiter is the winner almost every week, so I e-mailed him (could be her... but for ease of typing, I'll stick with him) to ask how he almost always managed to win. He said there was nothing special, he just e-mailed it in at 11am every Tuesday... which got me thinking, what if it's first entry wins? So this week I sent mine in at 10am (between two lectures)... here's hoping. Anyways, last week I reckoned that sending in my solution lots of times would make me more likely to win, so I opened the newspaper in confident mood, only to find the following: "the winner was Crystal McEwen (despite Colin Thomas' 24 e-mails!)" Okay, so it's not winning, but it's about as close as you can get...

Christian music is, of course, highly commendable. The only problem is, I don't like it much - it seems to be largely Alanis Morisette-type people, or rock bands (or, naturally, the one and only Sir Cliff...). Consequently, until reasonably recently I didn't own any Christian music to speak of... and then I discovered Slow Train Coming. Raise your hand if you like Bob Dylan - metpahorically, if you'd prefer - okay, anyone who isn't raising their hand is a fool, because Dylan is arguably the best singer-songwriter ever (it's a close battle between Lennon, Dylan, and McCartney for top spot) and he released a fair bit of Christian music, Slow Train Coming being the first Christian album he made. Not only a great singer, but a great message (although the message of Do Unto Others is somewhat garbled...). I leave you with some words from Bob himself:
There's a man up on a cross and He's been crucified for you,
Believe in His power that's about all you got to do.

February 12th 2005

Why haven't I updated in so long? Well, it's at least partially because in doing so I have to create a new page in the archive for February entries, and I couldn't be bothered. Until today. It seems that geocities have managed to get their adverts back onto these pages, despite my best efforts... ah well. I'll keep trying. In fact, I've already got an idea for something that might work... I bought another poster the other day. I've really gone in for posters here at Uni (in fact, I did at home) and I've added Back to the Future to the collection, which now stands at Wimbledon, The Beatles, Steve Bull, Gollum, LotR map, BttF, Spider-man 2, LotR:FotR, Let It Be, Abbey Road and Three To Tango. I think I already listed them in the archive, but hey, wotcha gonna do? In other news, I got 83 and 81 in my latest tests, which I'm pretty chuffed with... although work is getting tougher now. It was about this time last term that I really felt snowed under, so I've got to get on top of it now (it didn't help that I was away for three weekends in a row... although I'm gonna be busy for a couple of weekends in a row soon, since Simon's coming over this weekend, and I'm away on a Christian thing the weekend after that. In musical news, I now have solo albums by all of the Beatles - Wingspan by Paul came first, then All Things Must Pass by George, then Lennon Legend by John, and now Ringo by... well, you can guess. The amazing thing about this album is that it contains a track written by John (and played on by John and George, among others), a track written, and played on, by Paul, and loadsa tracks written or co-written by George. This is the closest thing to a Beatles album you can get (excepting Beatles albums... they're a bit closer). At one point I owned McCartney (by Paul, naturally), but discovered that I already had almost all the songs on it, so sold it. Anyhow, in summation, the Beatles rule. Still.

February 17th 2005

Those people who were lucky enough to have attended PHHS may remember the gradual spread of popularity of this page, and might perhaps even remember the first time they took me unaware by repeating my innermost thoughts back to me. Well, a similar thing is happening now, as friends find out and spend their spare time trawling the archives (students are very, very good at wasting time). Well, one particular friend, who lives two doors down, complained today that their name is only mentioned once... he is a fellow mathematician, and I have spent many pleasant (and many more not so pleasant) hours in his company, copying down maths notes from blackboards in literally four or five different rooms (a maths student's life is one of little variation). A Londoner by birth, he occasionally litters his conversation with phrases that shouldn't be (and arguably haven't been) heard outside The Smoke since 1362. But we love them, all the same. His views on what country life entails include may-poles, barn dances, flower festivals, WIs, stiles etc... which would be ludicrous, were these views not almost entirely accurate in my experience. The observant of you may have noticed that I still haven't mentioned his name... suffice it to say that it isn't Reb, Rab, Rub, Rib or Ryb. Also, there are two people called Sarah on my corridor... apologies to Sarah, whom I hadn't previously mentioned. That was Sarah; S-A-R-A-H. Who lives next door to Roob.

February 22nd 2005

As I sit here prevaricating, analysis to the left of me, linear algebra to the right of me, probability staring me in the face, I turn and watch the snow fall on Warwick campus. What, I ask myself, is the nature of living? What distinguishes man from beast, beast from plant and plant from those weird little algae-type things you find at the bottom of ponds sometimes. Well, actually, those thoughts were far from my mind... I was instead pondering on the nature of the probability support class that didn't happen. Myself and Anthony decided that probability support was a good idea, and set out for only the second time this term to make use of the knowledge of a higher power (postgrads)... only, when we arrived at the hallowed destination that is H0.60, we found a lot of female students and some very odd looks. We weren't sure what subject would require a 100%-female turnout, so if anyone out there has any ideas... I don't care. Oh, by the way, don't buy anything off eBay from importdvds4you.

February 23rd 2005

I like the film Wimbledon. I saw it the other day at the Student Cinema here, and decided to buy it, so I went onto eBay, and made the purchase. Within a couple of days, the DVD arrived, and I left positive feedback, because it had come so quickly... it soon became apparent, though, that it was a copy and not, as advertised, an import. So I complained to the seller, who apparently didn't receive my e-mails until finally he responded, I sent the DVD back, and don't yet know whether I'll receive any refund. Never mind, that taught me my lesson. So I bought the DVD from amazon marketplace - they don't often have copies for sale, they have the genuine stuff. Yesterday the replacement arrived, and I thought it was odd that it wasn't Region 2, but was Region 9... at least, it said so on the DVD, but the case said Region 1... and there was a spelling error on it. Not again. Well, yes, probably... added to that the fact that it was slightly scratched and part of the film wouldn't play properly. So tonight I e-mailed the amazon guy, telling him all of this... and who knows what will happen this time. I think, in the case of this DVD, I'll just spend the extra money and buy it new from Tesco or something... at least that way I'll know it's genuine. Unless the amazon person refuses to give me a refund. Argh. Was it really worth it?

February 24th 2005

In Wimbledon news, I got refunds from both dodgy DVDs, and bought a new one from Tesco... the menu music is very, very annoying (unlike the Region 9 version) but at least it'll work... hopefully. Here's something for the English students out there:
"Joe Smith killed seven men, so he went to jail for five years." - what is wrong with that sentence? [answer when I feel like it].

Timeless entry

Answer: the (jail) sentence is clearly inapproproate for murder.

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